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The End (for now?)

September 6, 2012

Don’t worry; nothing is as sad as the way Nicole Kidman’s face has frozen over the last five years…

Most of you have probably noticed that, despite my original promise of just scaling back, I have in fact decided to quit blogging indefinitely.  This is not to say that I don’t reserve the right to change my mind in the immediate or long term future.  You never know when the need to wax poetically about pop culture might get the best of me.

The fact is, with stress and transition on the job front, I’ve wanted to spend more time goofing off and less time trying to keep pace with the blog (even though I’m the only one setting the pace).

I would like to officially thank all those who’ve followed, commented on, and supported me on the blog.  It’s been a blast on the whole.  I will be keeping all the comments and posts on the blog open for viewing, so feel free to stop on by and re-read any old posts or to comment on your favorites. 

Facebook Friends, as always, I will keep posting my status update reviews for your edification and enjoyment.  

Thanks to All!


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