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Blog Changes

July 9, 2012

Just a quick post to explain some changes I’m making to the blog.  To put it simply, feeling like I have to keep up with the blog each week is rapidly becoming more work than fun, so I’m going to ease back a bit.  From now on, I’ll probably be posting about once a month or so instead of weekly.

For the most part, I’m going to focus on Rapid Reviews (current movie reviews) and Truly Great Movie entries, since those are not only the ones which get the most traffic and views on the blog, but are the easiest to formulate and give me the most nerd-like glee to write.   The last big summer review will be Dark Knight Rises, and after that I’ll probably do a post or two this fall.

So, keep an eye out for blog posts when the urge to write strikes me, but not on a weekly basis. I still plan on posting when I see a movie that I think needs reviewing, but I plan on scaling back so that the blog still remains a place where I can sooth the need to bleed all things entertainment-related without the stress of feeling like I have a self-created deadline.

Of course, all blog posts and comments will remain open, and I’ll be checking in now and then to monitor those.  To all my Facebook friends out there, I’ll still comment and do short “status update” style reviews on a more regular basis (I know, you were worried)…

Thanks to everyone who’s read and enjoyed the blog these past few years.  I’ll still be active on here, just not as much as in the past.

Have a FABULOUS (and hopefully movie-filled) summer!


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