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Nerd Alert: Thanksgiving Break Essentials

November 18, 2011

This will be my last post until the week of 11/28 due to the holiday.  Here are my “can’t miss” essentials for a lazy day…


World War Z by Max Brooks

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, this would be an excellent companion piece.  A collection of personal stories from those who have survived the zombie contagion and resulting aftermath, it is a harsh and painstakingly detailed account of the rise, fall and eventual reconstruction of life as we once knew it.  Each individual story connects to make a whole picture that is both chilling and reassuring in equal measure.


Ceremonials by Florence + the Machine

The incredible Scottish lass thunders back on the scene with her sophomore effort, a disc that is riotous with sound, emotion and grandeur.  Flo can make any song seem like a symphony, even making lyrics about depression and loss of self seem magical and enthralling.  The highlights include the sing- along anthem “Shake It Out”, the ultimate song of love, “Spectrum”, and the mournful “What the Water Gave Me”.


The Muppets

Of all the stars most deserving of a comeback, these guys are at the top of the list.  The series of trailer parodies that have preceded the movie’s release are hilarious (YouTube them right now if you haven’t seen them), making me long for the days when Statler and Waldorf  would tell it like it is, all while observing a cast of furry and funny folks who managed to be hilarious without being crude or lewd.



I also highly recommend, in a completely different vein, Melancholia, which is playing On Demand through IFC’s In Theaters. I didn’t have time to do a full Rapid Review,  but I saw it last weekend, and it is a mesmerizing and engrossing look at how two very different sisters (with polar opposite personality types) deal with their inevitable destruction.  Absolutely amazing performances by Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg.


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Nathan Drake’s journey to discover his ancestor’s secrets culminates in a trip to the Arabian desert, but not before tackling amazing scenes in  a crumbling French villa, a moonlit Syrian fortress, and a sinking cruise ship.  Drake’s adventures are always top notch.  This is one series where you don’t actually skip through the cut scenes; the characters and the story line are second to none, dropping you right into the action as Nate, Elena and Sully travel to the ends of the Earth.

Have a Great Thanksgiving – I’ll be back the week of the 28th!

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