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Nerd Alert: Three Addictive Summer PS3 Games

July 7, 2011

In a summer filled with bland choices at the box office, I find myself more and more drawn to the power of my PS3.  I can’t help it.  It calls to me.  I keep trying to convince myself that I’m improving my logic and hand to eye coordination.  Here are the three games I can’t stop playing this summer.

1.) inFAMOUS 2

Sucker Punch’s original inFAMOUS game was a sleeper hit.  Based on the idea that our hero, Cole McGrath, was imbued with lightning based powers due to a strange device called  the Ray Sphere, inFAMOUS had Cole racing through the streets of Empire City to stop the prerequisite bad guys.  What made it unique was the fact that as Cole’s powers grew, so did your decisions about his “karma”.  Would you be a hero or a power-hungry villain?  The game plays differently according to your choice. inFAMOUS 2 moves Cole’s story to New Marais (a stunning replica of New Orleans), where you battle swamp baddies known as the “Militia”, who are controlled by an aging Southern tycoon with a dastardly secret.  The sequel has even more twists and turns than the first, and manages to keep Cole’s saga interesting while integrating new and fun powers into the mix.  Some of the side missions do get repetitive, but are more varied than in the original game.  Overall, inFAMOUS 2 is a great way to kill a lazy afternoon (or three).

2.) Alice: Madness Returns

The original American McGee’s Alice for the PC was an eye-catching gothic hack and slash so creepy that it was divine.  The premise is that Alice was a very disturbed young girl whose vision of Wonderland wasn’t so Disney.  The setting was stunning, the weapons were ingenious, and the storyline was awesome.  Finally, the sequel returns for the PS3.  Alice is older and a little wiser, but also more powerful.  Prepare for another madness-induced introduction to Wonderland with the best graphics that the console can offer.   Alice is a twisted, more kick-arse version of Lara Croft, with an arsenal and wardrobe that any steampunk/emo gal would kill for.   Plus, as a bonus, you get the download code to the original Alice for free. 

3.) Fallout: New Vegas

Upon the game’s original release, it was buggy as hell, but still stunning enough to triumph over its flaws.  Fallout 3 is a tough game to top – an apocalyptic RPG that mixed in elements of shooters and military epics.  New Vegas changes the scenery but keeps the basic setup from previous games.  You are the “Courier” – felled and left for dead by a mysterious gangster in the wasteland of the desert.  Your goal is to meet the various factions and power players in New Vegas, take a side, and battle it out.  It’s an open-ended world where you can pick up or discard the main storyline at any time you choose.  Wander the desert as a bounty hunter, become the gambling king of the Strip, or burn and pillage everything you come across.  The choice is yours.  The folks at Bethesda, also creators of the incredible Elder Scrolls series, know how to make a video game world that is so immersive you forget the real world entirely.  Be sure and download all the available patches, and word to the wise – watch out for Autosaves (you might just turn them off).  Despite its initial bugs, New Vegas is one of the most addictive RPGs out there.

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