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Top Five Movie Weddings

April 29, 2011

In honor of today’s Royal Wedding extravaganza, here’s my list of Top Five Movie Weddings.   Congratulations to the happy couple.  

SPOILER ALERT:  See Kate’s dress below – created by Alexander McQueen head designer Sarah Burton.  Congratulations Kate and William, or should I say Prince William and HRH the Duchess of Cambridge – Kate’s spiffy new title!

5.) Muriel’s Wedding (1995)

In this Australian cult classic by director P.J. Hogan, a dowdy woman dreams of the perfect wedding.  When sad sack Muriel was transformed into the blushing, glowing “Mariel” for her green card wedding, she never looked lovelier.  Alas, her fairy tale ending was not meant to be, but having finally learned a little about how to stand up for herself, Muriel walked away with a best friend and the memory of a truly over-the-top confection of a ceremony, complete with Abba’s “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do” playing for the march down the aisle.

4.) The Godfather (1972)

The wedding of Connie Corelone Rizzi (Talia Shire) would provide the audience with its first glimpse into the insular world of the crime family.  It was a lavish and deceptively jovial affair, providing the backdrop for several of the most immortal scenes in cinema history.  Still, what a wedding it was – from the dress to the flowers to the classic 70s bridesmaids dresses, it was one to remember for the ages.

3.) The Philadelphia Story (1939)

Katharine Hepburn’s Tracy Lord spends the entire movie man-swapping before she finally makes it down the aisle with the one you knew she was meant to be with in the first place.  Taking a jab at the emerging presence of the paparazzi  that would so come to dominate our current society, even Lady Gaga would be proud.  A simple country house wedding was designed in classic Kate style, right down to the gorgeous silk dress and matching hat.  Even Cary Grant doesn’t outshine a movie great on her big day.

2.) The Princess Bride (1987)

A sadder (or more hilarious) wedding day one can not quite recall.  As Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright) prepares to wed the arrogant and murderous Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon), Peter Cook’s “Impressive Clergyman” (as he is billed) steals the show with his unusual interpretation of the traditional vows.  Luckily, this wedding doesn’t stick, as Buttercup is saved by her true love, Westley.  But, oh, the dress.  This stunning and ornate number with matching tiara was one for the history books and fit for any princess, be it a runaway wedding or no.

1.) My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

Director P.J. Hogan makes the list a second time, with another stellar romantic comedy that doesn’t have a traditional happy ending.  Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) spends most of the movie trying to alienate everyone who cares about her in pursuit of a man destined to be just the best friend of the title.  Yet, it is her other loyal sidekick, the lovable George (Rupert Everett) who teaches her about dignity and sacrifice when doing the right thing.  Although the main character never makes it down the aisle, the right girl DOES get the right guy when Cameron Diaz’s charming Kimberley wears the perfect  vision of a society grand dame’s wedding gown.

Happy Royal Wedding Day!  Be sure and stop by the blog next week for my Rapid Review of Thor

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