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Movie Marathon Idea: Alyssa’s Vacation Stops

March 7, 2011

This month’s Movie Marathon Idea showcases three of the stops on my upcoming visit to glorious Great Britain.  Each movie is set in a city on our whirlwind tour of  lovely England and Scotland.  Check out some of the best that our neighbors across the pond have to offer onscreen.

1.) LONDON: Match Point – Woody Allen

Woody Allen’s moody tale of murder and adultery is set in and around some of the best sights in  London, showcasing how a lower class gent (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) marries his way into high class society life.   Still, nothing is as it seems, and keeping his lifestyle may prove more difficult than he thought once the movie’s femme fatale, a wannabe actress (Scarlett Johanssen), threatens to destroy his comfortable existence.

Notable sights:   Tate Modern, Royal Opera House,  Lloyd’s building

2.) BATH: Persuasion by Roger Michell

Michell’s wonderful adaptation of my favorite Jane Austen novel ends its tale in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath.  The landed but financially strapped Elliot family “retrenches” in Bath while they rent out their costly country manor, Kellynch.  Known for its gorgeous architecture and rich history, Bath (located in Somerset) is the ideal backdrop as heroine Anne and hero Captain Frederick Wentworth finally overcome ten years of waiting to be reunited, body and soul.

Notable sights: The Royal Crescent,  The Roman Baths and Pump Rooms

3.) EDINBURGH Shallow Grave by Danny Boyle

Boyle’s directorial debut is set in the vibrant capital of Scotland, where three roommates (Kerry Fox, Christopher Eccleston and Boyle favorite Ewan McGregor) fight a psychological battle over a large sum of money mysteriously left by a newly deceased flat mate.  Boyle’s first film is gripping, intense and creepy, but the stylish flat is to die for (in some cases, literally).

Notable sights: Flat 6 North East Circus Place, New Town, Edinburgh


This will be my last post until the week of March 21st, as I will be in lovely Great Britain for a much-needed vacation!  Coming later in March: Rapid Review:Jane Eyre, a new series called “Nerd Watch” and much more…

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