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Oscar Fashion: 5 Best and Worst

February 28, 2011

This year’s Oscar telecast was pedestrian at best and mind-numbingly boring at its worst, but at least we can always rely on the fashionistas to brighten a relatively dull awards season.  So – who made me gush in awe, and who had me wanting to shield them from Joan Rivers’ wrath?  Here are the best and worst fashion moments on the red carpet last night.


5.) Mila Kunis

Normally, Kunis struggles balancing a look on the red carpet, but her lilac frock with lace insets in exactly the right places (let’s face it, every man in the place was craning their necks in hopes of a wardrobe malfunction) was a perfect combination of elegance and style.  Kunis is short, but this flowy concoction adds needed inches to her frame and her understated hair and makeup leave the attention getting to the dress.  Now, if only we could work on the acting…

4.) Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is a goddess, and she takes fashion risks, which I love.  She tends to veer towards the “battle maiden” look, and this year is no different – the top of this Givenchy dress up close had some beading that could look like Hobby Lobby exploded from certain angles, but dang if this lady can’t pull it off.  It’s tough for a blond to pull off these light pastels and not look washed out, but La Blanchett rises above.  Plus, any chick who can deadpan “That’s Gross” after introducing the Best Makeup clip for The Wolfman has my eternal devotion.

3.)Jennifer Hudson

American Idol didn’t think she was good enough to win in her year of competition.  Quick – who did win her season?  Yep.  I can’t remember either.  Success is the best revenge.  It takes a cool and calculating lady to be able to pull off orange (Crayola Burnt Sienna, no less), and this stunning gown would be disaster on a less put-together actress.  On Hudson, it is pure magic.  From the halter top to the sweeping train, it all works.

2.) Hailee Steinfeld

Thank you, Hailee for being age appropriate as well as down right pinch your cheeks adorable.  One of my pet peeves is when stylists try and make teenagers look like starlets.  This tea-length pink confection is wonderful -from the tulle to the lace work.  Also, her makeup is a soft whisper of pink and her hair is kept fresh with a simple skinny headband.  Some of the old guard actresses nominated in her category should take some lessons from the this 14-year-old.  There is no grit to be found anywhere on this pristine angel.

1.) Michelle Williams

This is one of the best comebacks in fashion history.  After a disastrous veering into hippie hell territory with her beige, daisy-covered Golden Globes  nightmare, Williams triumphantly returns to the red carpet with this fantastic cap-sleeved sheath dress by Chanel.  It is divine simplicity from the shine to the tailoring.  Williams wisely keeps the makeup and jewelry simple, proving that less is most definitely more in the realm of Oscar.


5.)Amy Adams

Amy Adams, you are incredible. You were amazing in The Fighter and adorable in Mrs. Pettigrew Lives for a Day.  I wanted to love you in this cute navy sparkly dress, but then you had to go put on that strange emerald necklace over a high-necked gown.  Pet peeve trend this year:  emerald jewelry with navy; it does NOT work, ladies.  Plus, poor Ms. Adams apparently forgot to get her hair done on her way to the BIGGEST FASHION EVENT OF THE YEAR.  She looks like she just walked out of high school cheer practice.  She’s so cute you just can’t hate her for long, but it makes me cringe.

4.) Nicole Kidman –

Being interviewed on the red carpet she claimed this dress was comfortable.  Funny, it looks fabulous until it hits the waist, and then it looks like she ripped a poor altar boy’s robes off to create the awkward draping on the bottom half of the dress.  Pet peeve trend #2:  Gold and silver mixed in fabric patterns.  Pick one, already.  This look is so disappointing from an actress who has been so on the forefront of style in past but has been off the mark this year.  Much like her Golden Globes dress, this one needs a few quick fixes and it might have been passable.  As is, it doesn’t cut it.

3.) Reese Witherspoon

From the neck down, this might make the best dressed list.  Classic, vintage column sheath in ivory and black – it’s hard to go wrong here.  Alas, it all goes south in the styling.  The hairdo is  so very 1963 Barbie goes to the Oscars, and once again – the inexplicable emerald jewelry that doesn’t match the dress.  There should be a law that states no one over the age of 28 is allowed to wear a high cascading ponytail.  At some point, it has to be age appropriate, folks.  It’s tough for those of us in the mid-30s (Reese is the same age I am) who are stuck somewhere in-between  the Scar Jo and Meryl epochs. I expect more from an actress who is usually known for more simplistic elegance.

2.)Scarlett Johanssen

I know the lady is going through a divorce, but there are only so many times you are allowed to pull that card before you just have to fire your stylist.  Although it is a step above the weird Xmas ornament with Bride of Frankenstein hair getup she wore to the Globes, this fuschia/plum lace cut out dress looks like it should be either on a Vegas lounge singer or in a Kardashian’s closet.  Don’t even get me started on the hair.  The Oscars is not the place to try out your walk of shame, just out of the shower look.  Sigh.

1.) Sharon Stone

The Positives:

A. We now know Sharon Stone is still alive, apparently taking a well-needed rest from her brilliant performance in Catwoman.

B.  Cruella DeVil doesn’t need to take out an ad offering a reward to whomever stole the contents of her closet.  That crime has officially been solved.

The Negatives:

A.  There is a drowned sewer rat trying to gnaw off Sharon Stone’s shoulder.

B.  Everyone on the red carpet had to pretend to make small talk with Sharon Stone while pretending not to notice that her eyebrows now reside about twelve inches above her nose.


You know it is a fair to middling Oscar season when seeing the photo below shocks the bejesus out of me.

That is JULIETTE flippin’ LEWIS, folks.  When Juliette Lewis upstages y’all at the after party looking SMOKIN’ and taking names, the above ladies should be downright embarrassed.  Just sayin’.

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