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Golden Globe Nominees and Predictions

December 14, 2010

The race towards Oscar has begun.  The Hollywood Foreign Press nominees for the Golden Globes were announced this morning, with a few unusual choices and surprises.

Check on the full list in the link below for the full list, then jump back for my thoughts…


Best Picture – Drama

The only surprise entry here is David O. Russell’s The Fighter, which has been getting praise for supporting performances by Christian Bale, Melissa Leo and Amy Adams (all of whom are nominated in the supporting categories).  The rest are the usual suspects:  Inception, The King’s Speech, Black Swan and critic’s darling The Social Network.    You can probably narrow these down to a race between Inception, Swan and Social Network. I’d give the edge on early returns to Black Swan, as Inception’s summer release may make it more of a memory.

Best Picture: Comedy or Musical

This category is an unmitigated disaster all the way around.  I’m betting none of the films in this category make it to Oscar’s final list – with the exception of The Kids Are All Right.  Alice in Wonderland, Red, Burlesque and The Tourist haven’t been winning many fans with the critics or the public.

Best Actor – Drama

There’s really no challenge this year.  Expect Colin Firth to win both the Globe and the Oscar for his portrayal of the awkward King George – deservedly so.  He’s a consistent player and it is a stunning role in a year devoid of many strong performances.  James Franco and Jesse Eisenberg are his only real competition, but they are out of Firth’s league.

Best Actress -Drama

Nicole Kidman is garnering raves in Rabbit Hole as a very unlikable character, but this race is Natalie Portman’s to lose. It’s a shame, because Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in Winter’s Bone is a stunner, but she’s a young unknown and the Globes and Oscar love to award an actress who has shown range and growth.  Portman’s shown both over the last five years.  It’s her turn to win.

Best Actress – Comedy

Kudos to the Foreign Press for acknowledging Emma Stone’s incredibly deadpan comedic talent, but she doesn’t stand a chance.  This will go to either Annette Bening or Julianne Moore in The Kids Are All Right.  If they split the vote, Stone might have a shot, but its a long one at that…

Supporting Actor:

This category is filled with old favorites (Geoffrey Rush, Michael Douglas) and new faces (Andrew Garfield, Christian Bale).  Expect Bale to win in a category overcrowded with talent.

Supporting Actress:

This category is the toughest of the bunch to call.  Helena Bonham’s spot-on portrayal of the Queen Mum is currently a critic’s fave, but Melissa Leo deserves to win thanks to years of incredibly overlooked parts.

Best Television Series: Drama

Mad Men’s still going strong, but the Globes love a successful newbie, so my vote is for Boardwalk Empire to take the crown this year.

Try and get caught up on your movie and TV viewing by the time the Globes air in January.  Happy watching!

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