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Top Three Movies of 2010 (so far)

November 12, 2010

Oscar season is just around the corner, but the multiplex hasn’t exactly been crawling with awards bait these past few months.  There have really only been three movies I’ve seen so far this year that I would deem worthy of this list, and all three are currently out on DVD. 

It also doesn’t look as if the indie film circuit is going to get overly-crowded in the next few months, although Darren Aronofsky’s The Black Swan looks promising in terms of garnering some acting nods.  As far as any other serious acting contenders are concerned, I also plan on checking on the highly-reviewed The Kids Are Alright in the next few weeks, now that it is out on DVD.

For now, here are my top three of the year…

3.) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version)

The native version of Steig Larsson’s smash novel effectively captured the novel’s moody and dark core, giving us a bleak and barren landscape populated by characters with an intensity and fire almost in direct contrast with their surroundings.  Noomi Rapace’s Lizbeth will be hard to top in the upcoming “American” version of the film.  Rapace’s cunning and tormented heroine was the best part about the movie – at turns mesmerizing and terrifying in her bottled-up genius.  The movie managed to hit the book’s highlights effectively and with a strong minimalist style, making this foreign film number 3 on my list.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Rapid Review for this one, but for a more in-depth review, see Ebert’s at:

2.) Inception

Christopher’s Nolan’s captivating and original blockbuster proved yet again that a movie that makes its audience think, dream and wonder can be the greatest gift a director can give the universe.  Boasting wonderful sets, a nifty screenplay and a fantastic ensemble cast, Inception was the gold at the end of a disappointing rainbow of summer flops. 

See my full Rapid Review at:

1.) Winter’s Bone

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this unbelievable film.  Boasting an insightful and truly frightening screenplay, director Debra Granik’s crushing look at the inside world of Ozark meth dealers and their kin is easily the best movie of the year.  It has no special effects, no big name actors, and no soundtrack by today’s hitmakers, but it will be the movie that sticks in my mind and heart for years to come.  Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of teenager Ree Dolly is the best performance by any actor this year.  She manages to show the strength, determination and fear that is necessary in order to survive in a world where your nearest and dearest may be your greatest enemies.

If you haven’t seen Winter’s Bone yet, what in heck’s name are you waiting for?  It’s THAT good.

See my full Rapid Review at:

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