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Movie Marathon Idea: Night of the Undead

August 11, 2010

Nothing says break out the popcorn more than a night spent with those lovable rotting creatures known as zombies.  Practically a genre in itself, the zombie movie can be comedic or dramatic in varying degrees.  So, let’s take a look at some brain-eating, shuffling ambulatory pals as they attempt to destroy humanity as we know it.

1.) Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Let’s start with the most romantic zombie movie of all time.  Brit director Edgar Wright and actor/screenwriter Simon Pegg brought this slice of awesomeness to the screen in 2004.  Although many zombies are ripped to shreds, run over, and otherwise decimated, Shaun is at its heart a romance about a guy trying to win back his love (while battling the zombie apocalypse).  There’s also a fun bromance, to boot, leading to a memorable ending involving videogames and  keeping your best friend as a pet. 

2.) Dawn of the Dead (2004)

2004 was the year of the zombie.  Zach Snyder’s remake of George Romero’s original schlock-fest was a tour de force of both gore and comedic one-liners.  As survivors of  a viral outbreak attempt to ward off the zombies inside a shopping mall, mass chaos ensues.  Featuring great performances by Ty Burrell (currently yukking it up on Modern Family), Ving Rhames and Sarah Polley, it’s worth viewing if only for the immortal scene in which the rag-tag bunch of heroes snipe unsuspecting zombies who look uncannily like celebrities. 

Steve:Ooh! Ooh! Um… Rosie O’Donnell! Tell him to get Rosie!
Kenneth: Ooh, yeah! Rosie!
Tucker: Nah, too easy! Give ’em something hard.

3.) 28 Days Later (2002)

From frightfully funny to searingly scary, Danny Boyle’s psychological thriller turned the stereotype about zombies on its ear, creating monsters inflicted with a “rage” virus that made them strong, fast and stealthy – the antithesis of those moaning, brain-eating creatures of movie lore.   Screenwriter Alex Garland made the drama more about how humanity’s vices than their survival instincts, and an instant classic was born.  Don’t watch it with the lights out, unless you aren’t afraid of things that will kill you before you even NOTICE the bump in the night.

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