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TV Testimony: Emmy Nominations 2010

July 17, 2010

Believe it or not, the awards season is about to begin all over again, starting with the bestowing of honors upon television’s finest.  Here’s what this year’s voters got right.

Congratulations to…

1.) Glee

Well-deserved nominations for Lea Michele as Rachel, Matthew Morrison as Mr. Schuester and the show as Best Comedy are wonderful surprises, while Jane Lynch is a “Schue-in” to win her category in Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy.  No-one else can compete with her terrorizing, witicizing Sue Sylvester.

Most surprising and heart-warming? The nominations for Chris Colfer as Kurt (Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy) and Mike O’Malley as Burt Hummel (Best Guest Actor in a Comedy).  This amazing portrayal of a gay student and his befuddled but supportive dad has been one of the most incredible family sagas of the year.  Kudos to both actors, as well as the creators and writers of Glee, for not turning this storyline into either a punchline or a stereotype.

2.) Matthew Fox

Congratulations to Fox, who has been shut out of the Best Actor in a Drama series for LOST’s entire run – undeservedly.  Still, it is a credit to the Emmy voters that they recognized his work in this last season.  It’s not as bravura and shrewd as Terry O’Quinn or Micheal Emerson’s supporting performances, but it is perhaps even more complex.  As the leader of the castaways, Fox has ofter been underplayed and overshadowed, but his work in “The End” stands as a testament to his acting skills and the courage of the creators and writers for letting him finish strong.

3.) Jim Parsons

Quite simply, Jim Parsons is the best part of what used to be my Monday nights.  A great character in Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory), a great supporting cast, and yet they are moving it to compete with NBC’s Thursday lineup?  Yikes.  Still, it would be a crime if Parsons were shut out of the win AGAIN this year – especially with Alec Baldwin losing some of his original wit and steam on 30 Rock…


Stay tuned on Emmy night to see who walks away with the win.  The Emmys air 8/29 on NBC

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