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Top Five TV Couples – Comedy

May 3, 2010

Here are the top five memorable duos in the comedy category.

5.) Pam and Jim – The Office


Dunderheads united

Although this duo got off to a typically blundering sitcom start, it was their endearing and realistic road to romance that charmed the hearts of television viewers everywhere.  Each misstep and lost chance was part of the recipe for comedy gold.  In the Scranton universe, Pam and Jim remain the only source of sanity.  As the “everyman” characters on the show, they allow the audience to cringe, smile and laugh along with them as they are forced to endure life in The Office.

4.) Chandler and Monica – Friends


could they BE any more cute?

Often overshadowed by their more grating and less charming co-stars Rachel and Ross, this couple came about almost by accident, but rapidly became the heart and soul of the New York clan.  Unlike Rachel and Ross, these two showed true chemistry.  A standard case of opposites attract, they proved the age-old idea that love that grows from friendship is the lasting kind.  It’s a tribute to the writers of the show that they never jumped the shark with these two, allowing them to grow and learn together through the very last season.

3.) J.D and Turk – Scrubs


bromance defined

A case of man love that will last for all time.  These two comedic cut-ups formed the heart and soul of an often-unappreciated show.   From their hilarious internal monologues to the timeless adventures of a stuffed dog named Rowdy, J.D. and Turk’s poignant friendship would become the grounding relationship of the show, long after most of the romantic couplings had fizzled out.

2.) Niles and Daphne – Frasier


a timeless tv tango

It took them almost a decade to finally get their love on course, but the bittersweet union of “psychic” Brit Daphne Moon and straight-laced psychologist Niles Crane was a hard-earned victory for TV fans.  After teasing us for years with the comedic relief of Niles’ tortured marriage to the never seen, but often heard about Maris, the show’s creators finally brought these two lovebirds together for the final seasons of the show.

1.)Joel and Maggie – Northern Exposure


A romantic culture clash

In Northern Exposure’s sweet and quirky town of Cicely, fish-out-of -water New York doctor Joel Fleischman and native bush pilot Maggie O’Connell butted heads for over three seasons before giving in to their undeniable chemistry.  It was love at first fight, and a cultural clash for the centuries.  Set against a comic backdrop of timeless characters and beautiful scenery, the show didn’t let them live happily ever after (rightly so), but it was television magic for a brief moment in time.

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