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Top Five TV Couples – Drama

April 30, 2010

Be it comedy or drama, historic or sci-fi, nothing adds that extra special “punch” to a show like a couple with chemistry.  Here are the top five couples in drama series who’ve managed to make my television viewing just a little more enjoyable.

5.) Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII – The Tudors




"The Most Happy" (Anne's motto). Well, for a little while...

They were the couple that rocked the European continent.  Henry’s love for Anne would irrevocably change the course of England’s history.  On Showtime’s The Tudors, Henry (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Anne (Natalie Dormer) turned a simple soap opera into a battle royale that made this cable show a joy to watch.  Dormer’s vibrant and compassionate portrayal of the complex Anne Boleyn, who goes from pampered pet to a devestated queen lost in the machinations of Henry’s own needs, was a stunning performance.  This couple literally ruled.

4.) Juliet and Sawyer – LOST




Dharma's most interesting couple

Although the dramatic “triangle” between Kate, Jack and Sawyer would dominate the first several seasons of the show, it wasn’t until Sawyer (Josh Holloway)’s doomed romance with Dr. Juliet(Elizabeth Mitchell) that we saw James Ford truly delve into the depths of his soul.  Elizabeth Mitchell’s powerful yet subtle  performance – so different in style and substance from that of Evangeline Lily’s Kate – would seal the deal on this memorable pairing.  The touching season finale where Juliet makes her crucial decision to save her lover’s life was one of the series’ finest.  Kudos to both the writers and creators for not being afraid to throw a wrench in the workings of LOST’s complex character interactions. 

3.) Eric and Sookie – True Blood




The waitress and the Viking

Although Alan Ball’s telling of Charlaine Harris’ best-selling Sookie Stackhouse books sometimes veers dramatically away from the source material, he has so far managed to capture the magic between Harris’ two most intriguing and romantic characters:  Mind reader/waitress Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Viking Vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard).  The subtle dance of the cool and stalwart ancient vampire Eric in sharp contrast to Sookie’s warmth and compassion is one of the elements that gives both the books and the HBO show its “zing”.   Like many fans, I’m waiting patiently for more Eric/Sookie scenes in season 3 this summer.

2.) Nikita and Michael – La Femme Nikita




The agent and the handler

La Femme Nikita was the cable show that paved the way for similar fare such as HBO’s The Wire and Fox’s 24 to become mainstream hits.  It’s premise was simple:  a show about a covert international anti-terrorist cell (Section One) that worked each week to take down a different foe.  Its heroine was Nikita ( played by Peta Wilson as a falsely accused fugitive), whose soul and conscience were constantly set at odds against the goals and determination of Section One.  Michael (Roy Dupuis), Nikita’s cold and ruthless trainer, would evolve into her protector and eventual love interest.  Their dynamic propeled the show from basic thriller to a complex psychological drama. 

1.) Starbuck and Apollo – Battlestar Galactica




The politician and the pilot

Ron D. M0ore’s sci-fi masterpiece has been called “Watership Down in Space” – a stunning tale of a civilization running from a foe that seems impossible to defeat.  The war of humans vs. their Cylon robot creations was only the backdrop for the true human drama lurking beneath the surface.  Moore has always commented that BSG was about characters, not battles.  Even in the midst of despair and hopelessness, the crew of the Galactica managed to weave a complex tale of the power of the human spirit.   At the center of this world was the unlikely friendship between hotshot pilots Kara “Starbuck” Thrace and Lee “Apollo” Adama, two souls who couldn’t have been more different.   Kara was a hard-drinking, hard-living child of abuse who was determined to prove her worth on the battlefront.  Lee was a military brat with daddy issues who would evolve from able pilot to smooth civilian politican by the end of the series.  Their complex friendship and eventual  doomed romance would form one of the most memorable partnerships in TV history, thanks in part to brilliant performances by Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber.


Stay Tuned in future weeks for the Top Five TV Couples -Comedy

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  1. Hazel permalink
    May 1, 2010 4:46 pm

    Oh, I agree 100% on the matching of Henry and Anne. Without a doubt she has been the most interesting of the wives to watch on The Tudors. Katherine, the twit, is starting to wear me out. Hopefully Henry will wise up soon and send her to a room in the tower!

    I would also agree on the Sawyer and Julia coupling. That being said, I always had trust issues with the Julia character. One of my favorite couples on Lost would be Desmond and Penny, followed closely by the ill-fated pairing of Charlie and Claire.

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