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Top Five Movies You Loved As a Kid That STILL Rock

April 21, 2010
While you may never see life as through the eyes of a young kid again, you can always attempt to re-capture some of the magic of innocence and awe by viewing some of the great classic films of the 1970s and 80s.  Some of these movies still stand up to the test of both time and improved CGI.  You just can’t keep a great story down for the count.
 5.) The Muppet Movie (1979:

wakka, wakka, wakka

 Muppets were hilarious when you were a kid because they were, well, goggle-eyed, weirdly-voiced puppet freaks.  Now that you are an adult, you can appreciate the wry humor beneath the spectacle.  I didn’t know that Waldorf and Statler were my personal heroes until I reached the age of about 21.  Dang, those guys are awesome.  Every muppet has a little warped, adult quirk that you can only appreciate by re-watching this gem as grown up.  Plus, admit it – you still get a little teary-eyed when that little green dude sings “The Rainbow Connection”…

My favorite scene?  See below…

Fozzie: Hey, why don’t you join us?
Gonzo: Where are you going?
Fozzie: We’re following our dream!
Gonzo: Really? I have a dream, too!
Fozzie: Oh?
Gonzo: But you’ll think it’s stupid.
Fozzie: No we won’t, tell us, tell us!
Gonzo: Well, I want to go to Bombay, India and become a movie star.
Fozzie: You don’t go to Bombay to become a movie star! You go where we’re going: Hollywood.
Gonzo: Sure, if you want to do it the *easy* way.
Fozzie: [to Kermit] We’ve picked up a weirdo

4.) Labyrinth (1986) 

Dance, magic dance

 Yep – more muppets, but also a great story and a marvelous fantasy epic.  Any movie that has David Bowie in a giant,  glam-rock mullet and a codpiece must be viewed at least once.  A young Jennifer Connelly shines as Sarah,  the girl in love with her own fantasy world.  When that world comes to life, she has to battle her way through…(drumroll, please) the LABYRINTH to save her baby brother and right the universe.  Along the way we get to see muppet creatures cavorting without heads.  Plus, the soundtrack is still a geek like me’s best friend. 

3.) The Neverending Story (1984) 








Bastian and the Child-like Empress

To this day, I still know people who can’t pronounce Atreyu.  Which is totally understandable.  If you don’t know what a luck dragon is, or why Bastian needs to save the child-like empress, then you need to boot up the old DVD player immediately.  As a kid, this movie was fascinating – on a  level with a live production of Peter Pan as far as being completely immersive and requiring a level of audience participation.  This classic tale is scheduled for a re-make in 2012, but I doubt it can capture the original’s magic.  Did I mention the theme song is by the former singer of Kajagoogoo?  Speaking of not being able to pronounce names….

2.) The Last Starfighter (1984) 

because you are STILL trying for that high score...


 I recently re-watched this gem on DVD, and despite its Tron-like graphics, the story and performances are still just as fun and charming as they were upon its original release in 1984.  Lance Guest’s Alex Rogan was a believable  and endearing typical teenager, trying to work his way out of the trailer park towards a future with his loyal girlfriend Maggie.  Alex’s time-killing grand obsession is to get the all-time high score on the addictive videogame The Last Starfighter.  Little does he know that the game is literally a training program for an alien military on the verge of intergalactic war.

1.) The Goonies (1985):






still saving Astoria twenty years later...

  Before he would “overthink” Harry Potter, Chris Columbus scored a win with his screenplay for  this 1985 summer kid flick.  Based on an original story by the master of the adventure film, Steven Spielberg, and directed by action-film veteran Richard Donner, The Goonies would take a rag-tag bunch of clever child actors and turn a simple treasure hunt into a glorious cult classic.  Let’s face it – the “Truffle Shuffle” is still one of the best sight gags in movie history, and I’m betting most of us didn’t get the humor behind One-Eyed Willie’s name until our teenage years had passed us by.  The Goonies managed to entertain and thrill without the need for over-the-top FX.   It’s a time-honored tale of the power of friendship and loyalty.  Just watch out for the booty (ahem.. booby) traps. 

Memorable Quotes:

Stef:  “Brand, God put that rock there for a purpose… and, um… I’m not so sure you should, um… move it”

Mouth: President Lincoln… George Washington… Martin Sheen…
Stef: Martin Sheen? That’s President Kennedy, you idiot!
Mouth: Well, same difference. I mean, he played Kennedy once.

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