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Glee Winter Finale

December 10, 2009


Well, that’s it folks.  No more Glee until April.  I’ll be missing those musically gifted youngsters who spontaneously burst into song.  I’ll even miss Sue Sylvester (a little).

Sue Sylvester - kickin A and takin' names

Speaking of Sue -how amazing was Jane Lynch in Glee’s mid-season finale  – “Sectionals”?  She’s down but not out – even managing to leave Will with a fun parting shot  – “Get ready for for the ride of your life, Will Schuester. You are about to board the Sue Sylvester Express. Destination: Horror!”  I believe her wholeheartedly.  Sue will be back this spring with a vengeance, and who knows how New Directions will handle her (newly Boca-tanned) return.

Tonight’s episode packed a whallop of frayed emotional pairings and un-pairings.  Will finally left Teri (supposedly for good),  Finn dumped Quinn with the long-awaited reveal of Puck as the baby’s father, and Mercedes finally let Rachel know she’s not the only star in town.

We knew the kids were in for trouble at sectionals thanks to Sue’s leaking of the set list to New Directions’ competing teams.  They had a difficult battle ahead.  How do you combat a school for the deaf AND a ladies’ reform school who have stolen all of your best numbers?  Easy – throw all your hard work out the window and rely on Barbra Streisand and The Rolling Stones.  Wisely and with the help of Finn, Ms. Pillsbury and an absent Mr. Schue, the Glee kids ditched their setlist, putting Rachel’s show-stopping “No One’s Going to Rain on My Parade” at the forefront, and closing with an on-the-fly version of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.  After three months of listening to “Don’t Stop Belevin”, it was a welcome change.

Emma and Rachel

I appreciate how the writers and producers of Glee didn’t let the show end on that performance, showing the incompetent judges and how the Glee-sters might still not take the cake, despite being the most talented.  Let’s face it, that’s how the real world works, kiddos.  Sometimes your judge might be a cranky comptroller who’s never heard of show choir. 

In the end, all was well, but the damaged relationships (Finn and Quinn, Quinn and Rachel, Finn and Puck) will need some time to heal. 

And then there was that kiss…

Mr. Schue and sweetheart counselor Ms. Pillsbury finally had their moment, but did anyone else feel this was a bit too soon?  Even poor Emma reminded Will (after narrowly escaping her own wedding) that he had JUST left his wife.  The lady has a point, and despite her crush, still has enough sense on her shoulders to know that no one wants a guy on the rebound.  Still – seeing her with her box of stuff packed, ready to leave the school so she didn’t have to face Will heartbroken…  How cute was her little knit hat, by the way?  Smooching ensued (must have been the hat).  Tune in as of April to see what happens.

To close out, here are my top five musical numbers from the season so far:

5.) “Bust Your Windows” –  Mercedes – “Acafellas”

4.) “Gold Digger”  – New Directions and Mr. Schue – “Showmance”

3.) “No Air” – Rachel and Finn – “Throwdown”

2.) “Defying Gravity” – Rachel and Kurt – “Wheels”

1.) “Imagine” – Haverbrook Deaf Choir and New Directions – “Hairography”

Have a great winter vacation, Gleeks!

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