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Top Five Fictional Careers I Wish I Could Have

November 16, 2009

Those lovable characters in television and film  – such enviable (and often completely absurd) careers they have.  Here are the top five I would love to take off their hands…


"That's a COSBY sweater"


 5.) Vintage Record Store Owner – a la Rob Gordon (John Cusack) in High Fidelity

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could sit around all day doing nothing but listening to your favorite tunes, recommending your favorite artists, and mocking peoples’ horrific taste in music?  Plus, having Jack Black serenade you and force you to listen to Katrina and the Waves would certainly be more amusing that most days at my workplace.



Best Friends Forever




 4.) Hard-drinking, cussing Viper pilot a la  Kara “Starbuck” Thrace  (Katee Sackhoff) in Battlestar Galactica

Let’s face it, no matter what career you choose, people will put up with your crap as long as you are the best in your field.  Starbuck is proof of this.  Even though it may land her in the brig, she flies fast and shoots straight.   Plus, getting to share quality time with Apollo as my wingman wouldn’t be too horrible to put up with, either.




Oh, Jude Law, you're so dreamy, but I wish I were editing a Michael Bay movie trailer right now...




3.) Movie trailer editor – a la “Amanda” (Cameron Diaz) in The Holiday

Okay, this movie stinks royally, but I was mesmerized by the scene showing how Amanda’s character earns her living.  I would kill to put together movie trailers.  Who do I have to take out to get this job?  Sign me up. 




Yes, but get rid of this hair and these awful librarian glasses...


2.)  Museum curator/treasure hunter – a la Evelyn Carnahan O’Connell in The Mummy

I adore Egyptology, and I wouldn’t mind running after obscure works of legend if it were all in a day’s work.  I suppose, if forced, I could deal with Brendan Fraser as a partner in crime. 

 1.) Journalist/Space Traveler – a la Dale Arden in Flash Gordon (1980)

Who really needs to bother with journalistic ethics when one comes face to face with Ming the Merciless?  I’d take this job just for the wardrobe once Dale is imprisoned by Ming on Mongo.  Nothing says 1980s sci-fi like orange sequins and headresses that looked like they walked out of a Vegas showroom.

My head would be killing me if there were anything in there.

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