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Dune 2010 – Director?

November 15, 2009

The battle over Dune 2010

I admit, I had my misgivings when Paramount announced that Peter Berg would be directing the reboot of Dune.  These were greatly increased when I heard he had met with Robert Pattinson.  I was praying that Edward the vampire was not in consideration for the part of Paul/Muad’Dib…

Now that Berg has exited Dune, who should direct? 

Some options:


Neill Blomkamp

Blomkamp directed this spring’s District 9 and is rumored to be up for consideration to direct Dune.

Pros:  If he brings the same grittiness and focus on character development to Dune that he did to District 9, I will be forever grateful.  He can probably handle Dune‘s symbolism and ecology parables without losing the action.

Cons:  His background is in visual effects and his career as a director is just getting off the ground.  We don’t need another beautiful vision that lacks soul and heart – Lynch’s Dune suffered from these same crippling  issues.  A beautiful background can’t compensate for a lack of bite.


Ridley Scott:

Ridley Scott had his chance to direct Dune back before Lynch was handed the rights in the early 80s.  He’s said he’s not interested, but…

Pros:  We know Scott can do action without resorting to the Michael Bay theory of  “Blow it up and watch it burn and they’ll be happy” filmmaking.

Cons:  He’s already got two seminal sci-fi masterpieces under his belt:  Alien and Blade Runner.  Maybe he should stop while he’s ahead.



Guillermo del Toro

Pros:  Have you seen Hellboy or Pan’s Labyrinth?  If not, for shame. 

Cons:  He has about twenty projects in development, including writing and directing  the much-anticipated The Hobbit, a Frankenstein re-boot and an adaptation of  Dickens’s  Edwin Drood.   The man has enough to do.

Any suggestions about who should helm Dune 2010?  Feel free to leave me a comment up above.

Tune in to future entries to see my picks for casting…

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